EU Settlement Scheme for Notice of Marriage and Notice of Civil Partnership


Changes with regards to giving notice come into force with effect from 1 July 2021 so please do read the following information carefully before booking or attending your appointment.


If you are an EEA citizen with EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) status granted or applied for before 30 June 2021, you need to:


  • Obtain a unique code prior to your appointment which will allow the Registrar to check and verify your immigration status. The code is valid for a period of 30 days so please ensure that it is valid on the day of your appointment.  The code can be obtained by visiting Please note: This code will be needed when booking your appointment so please have it to hand.


  • Each give your notice of marriage or civil partnership at the Register Office in the district where you have lived for the nine days prior to the appointment. 


  • If you both live in the Gloucestershire you can book a double appointment and attend together or can book single notice appointments and attend separately.  


If one or both of you are a non-EEA national or an EEA citizen without EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) status:

Registration officials will be required to refer all marriage and civil partnership notices to the Home Office if one or both of the parties are EEA nationals without EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) status granted or applied for before 30 June 2021 or non-EEA nationals who do not provide specified evidence that they have (a) settled status in the UK (Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain), (b) an EU law right of permanent residence in the UK, (c) a marriage or civil partnership visa, or (d) exemption from immigration control (e.g. with the right of abode in the UK). 

The Home Office may decide to extend the 28 clear day notice period to 70 days before authorities to marry or form a civil partnership can be issued where a sham marriage or civil partnership is suspected. The Home Office will inform both parties, in writing, of this decision.  Following this notice period the Home Office will make a decision as to whether a marriage or civil partnership schedule can be issued allowing a legal ceremony to take place. If the registration official is content to do so and all paperwork has been cleared, for example any foreign divorce documents, then the relevant paperwork can be issued after the notice period has expired and the couple can proceed with their marriage or civil partnership. 

If your notice period is extended to 70 days, you may be required to comply with a Home Office investigation. If you do not comply with the investigation, you will be unable to marry or enter into a civil partnership on the basis of that notice.

Please note:

  • To give notice in Gloucestershire, one of you must have lived in the Gloucestershire district for the nine days immediately before giving notice.
  • You must book a double notice appointment and attend together.


For further information and advice on documents required, please telephone 01452 425060 (option 3) or alternatively email


For more information about the EU Settlement Scheme please visit



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