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Help with your ceremony choices form

There are 4 simple steps in completing your ceremony choices form…

1. Book an appointment

During your initial contact with Gloucestershire Registration Service you will receive a unique reference number. You will need this reference number to submit your ceremony choices form.

2. Register

Register on this website to view and submit the choices form. You will need to register your email address and create a password to be able to view the ceremony choices form.

3. Login

Login to this website, navigate to your user area and click on ‘Submit your ceremony choices’.

The ceremony choices form is split in to four sections;

  • The basics
  • Information for the ceremony
  • Choices to complete your ceremony
  • Commemorative certificate information

Once you have completed ‘The basics’, to progress to the next section please click ‘Save and continue’.

A ‘review and submit’ section at the end allows you to check all the information entered before you submit it to Gloucestershire Registration Services. If any information have has been entered incorrectly or has changed, navigate to the relevant question, update your information, then click ‘Save and continue’. Please review your ceremony choices form again before submitting.

Please complete all of the requested information before you submit your ceremony choices form.

You don’t have to complete the form in one go. You are able to save the form by clicking the ‘Save’ button in the right-hand column. Once clicked you can continue to enter information or choose to return to the form later – the information you have already entered is safe.

4. Review your details

Once you have reviewed all of the information and are happy that it is all correct, click the ‘Submit ceremony choices’ button.

Your ceremony choices have now been passed to Gloucestershire Registration Services who will review the information submitted.

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